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Children with SEND who attend mainstream schools are not eligible for assistance with transport unless they live more than 2 miles away (children under 8) or more than 3 miles away (children over 8). Children who attend a resourced unit attached to a mainstream school or a special school will usually only get help with transport if they live more than these distances from the school, although some children who live closer may get assistance with transport in exceptional circumstances.

This is explained in more detail in the Home to School Transport Policy, which you can open by clicking on the related documents on the right hand side of this screen. The Policy is currently under review in respect of post 16 students with SEND to bring it in line with the new 0 to 25 SEN Code of Practice.

If you would like to apply for home to school transport and your child has SEN but not a EHC plan or statement you will need to complete either  a ‘free transport to school form or application for a fare payer scheme'

If you would like to apply for home to school transport and have an EHC plan or Statement you need to complete the Apply for Home to School Transport for a Child with an EHCP or Statement of Special Educational Needs


West Berkshire Council’s Home to School Transport Policy can be found on the sub content button below. 

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