Policies, Processes and Templates

A large part of what we hope to achieve with the Local Offer is transparency. As part of this, we are publishing all of the most common policies and processes we use to guide and manage our work.

These are the policies & processes we use to assess situations & individuals and use to inform and guide our decisions. These are already available on the West Berkshire public website, but by collecting them in one place, we hope to make it easier for families to see the rules we have to follow when performing any task.

This increased transparency in how we do our jobs will hopefully allow people using our services an insight into some of the reasons we have to do things in a certain order or the reason we have to comply with timescales or other constraints.

Also, we have published copies of all templates we use when we gather information, make plans and assessments and write reviews. This will hopefully allow parents to see the blank forms and outlines we will use prior to actual meetings and allow people to familiarize themselves with the forms and the questions we will ask. 

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