West Berkshire Council’s Local Offer for children and young people with SEND and those who support them has been designed in co-production with parents, carers, professionals and young people using the service.

Our Local Offer will always be changing and developing in direct response to the feedback we receive from the people who use it. Our aim is to be in a full and equal partnership with people who use this site and the teams and organisations that  deliver the services available as part of the Local Offer.

We want to be as transparent, approachable, and accountable as possible and to build a service that is responsive to your feedback. We will therefore publish all feedback we receive – whether it is negative, neutral or positive.

In order to do this and respect anonymity, we will paraphrase the feedback we receive and call it “You Said”.

Directly below this, we will publish our response to the feedback, explaining what we did to highlight or rectify any issues raised. We will call this section “We Did”. Our aim is to so this within 30 days of receiving any feedback.

Your views matter – if you are unhappy about some or all of our local offer, please let us know why using the feedback forms found by clicking on the buttons (above/below)

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Feedback Response

Feedback quote received from a provider advertising through the Local Offer

"Running a small business it is often a struggle to afford advertising costs.  The Local Offer has enabled me to advertise my services to a wide audience at no cost at all.  I am pleased to gain regular clients, whom have additional care needs, that were able to find me on the Local Offer".

Feedback received through our website feedback form on 2nd April 2016

You Said:

Working with 7 young adults in post 16 setting and struggling to find information on services for:

Learning to Drive.

Learning to play the guitar - East part of West Berks

Local Theatre group - East part of West Berks.

We Did

Research was done to find services within our area for these sections where information was unavailable. New records were added on our Local Offer site to cover these gaps, these include: Young Drivers; Driving Tuition; Information on Driving for SEND; No Gears - Automatic Driving Tuition; Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC);  These services were added to both Transport and Becoming an Adult sections on our website.

Also added to the website within the Childcare, Leisure and Recreation section were the Reading Rock Project; Berzerk Productions; Interakt @ Morpheus and Explode Film and Stage Academy. Contact was also made to other providers with requests for information, we remain hopeful for a response from them, in hope for inclusion on our site.

Archived Feedback for 2015


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